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Change log

From 1.7.10 to 1.7.11B version

Release date: 14.12.2022

file ENC3_1711B.ROM
MD5 sum is: 8ABEA34CDB4B573FDDA63606AF9B2E68

Important improvements

  • GPS is getting first fix more quickly in some cases
  • Lower power consumption during off
  • After power on, in first 20 second you can clear all GPS calculations (reset receiver) if you go to the GPS settings. Should use this feature if the receiver cannot get valid reading for long time.

Known bugs fixes

  • no power-off after 5 minutes if the compass calibration was started (no energy saving during compass calibration)
  • some wrong settings will be automatically corrected (if happen)
  • decreased risk of hang-up some ENC devices when powered on and off again and again
  • increased transmission error immunity during data exchange to PC or mobile device

From 1.7.6 to 1.7.10 version

Release date: 17.02.2022

file ENC3_FV_1.7.10.ROM, MD5 sum is : 50ADE13ECE2CFE882B27A23CBF546809

  • New compass sensor driver, improved heading calculation and stability.
  • Minor changes in the compass calibration procedure – should be easier to get right calibration in the shorter time
  • Removed issue which caused to store 0,0 as Latt,Lon when GPS receiver is getting first fix (ocassionally)
  • Re-designed GPS info screen : circle mark in the left-bottom corner can show if the GPS receiver is working, user can choose data display format – D-M-S or D.DDDDDD (by pressing lower button), altitude and accuracy are shown in meters or feets, depending on the depth unit setting
  • Fixed issue that caused improper working of the Auto-ON option (some devices)
  • Added option for choosing buttons sensitivity – normal or increased (ButtonSens+)
  • Added option for changing switching on procedure (One-key ON)
  • If the target is not set, on the main screen you can see the busola-like arrow; red part of it is directed to the North

New options mentioned above you can find in MENU->Setup->Other. Both are disabled after firmware update and should be enabled first if you want to test it.

One-key on works as follows:
When enabled, press any button once. Red light will light and after some time will start to flicker. Press any button again when the red light is blinking to confirm power on.

From 1.6.04 to 1.7.6 version

Release date: 22.01.2021

file ENC3_176.ROM, MD5 sum is: E73E1A6A49530B354036D66441AD8917

  • New compass sensor driver, improved noise immunity.
  • New log settings window – you can edit the log calibration coefficient manually.
  • Added Auto-REC option. When switched to ‘yes’, the ENC3 console can start recording automatically when immersed in water – see Depth tresh.(old) parameter – and the external log detects water flow.
  • Added Auto-HOLD option. When switched to ‘yes’, the ENC3 console can pause recording (HOLD) automatically, when the external log detects no water flow or when the depth is below 0.5 meter.
    For more detailed Auto-REC and Auto-HOLD description, you should refer to the updated manual.
  •  Added Auto+marker option. When switched to ‘yes’, the Auto-HOLD will also cause the marker number to increase and the marker information to store in memory. if set to ‘no’, only the manual HOLD will cause to store the marker.
  • Added ‘Deep sleep’ option. When switched to ‘yes’, the ENC3 console can preserve more battery charge during power off. The depth calculation accuracy may be degraded. It is recommenden to set this option to ‘yes’ only when you don’t plan to dive for long period of time. It is recommended to set this option to ‘no’ if you changing your geographics location and planning to dive soon after.
  • Added ‘Disable GPS’ option. When switched to ‘yes’, the ENC3 console will not switch the internal GPS receiver on. This can preserve up to 20% of the battery charge in some cases.
  • Modified compass calibration screen – now it can inform you about how much time left since last calibration, what was the calibration parameters (including the ‘Match’ value, which can be interpreted as ‘Calibration quality’).
    The calibration process now is much more repetitive and shows the real progress value. Compass calibration screen can also show the raw data values of the magnetic field sensor, the accelerometer and the gyroscope.
    User can restore his own previous compass calibration, or restore factory calibration as well.
  • Compass settings now have declination and deviation set with 0.1 degree accuracy
  • The ENC3 console now can determine the Install Angle (relative to the DPV body). One may set the 0,-15,-30,-45 and -60 degree of the Install Angle. Proper setting of the Install Angle is very important to heading calculation accuracy in some cases. The ‘-‘ sign inform you, that Install Angle is ‘leaning forward’. User can also measure and set custom Install Angle. Additional screen can test, if the Install Angle is set properly.
    For more detailed Install Angle description, you should refer to the updated manual.
  • Improved some minor bugs in the Bluetooth communication stack. You will see Bluetooth or USB icon on the communication screen, regarding of connection type.
  • On the communication screen (Send data …) one can see additional icons: Bluetooth or USB, regarding of which connection was initialized.
  • You can use the RETURN function only one time. If you choosed RETURN, this field will be shown in dark-red color and cannot be accessed again, until you restart your ENC or until you choose the Destination again.

Please notice that archive (zip) file must be unzipped before attempting to update ENC.

Firmware package for download

Updated on 2022-12-19

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