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E/O Power Outlet

Welches E/O-Kabel wird verwendet?
Wir verwenden die derzeit dünnsten E/O-Kabel auf dem Markt – WAM-Kabel. Diese weisen eine koaxiale Konstruktion auf und sind damit sehr biegungsbeständig.

Im Gegensatz zu günstigeren „dicken Gummikabeln“ weisen diese einen längeren Nutzungszeitraum mit störungsfreiem Betrieb auf.

Hermetic charging port

Can I drive without a charging cap?
With water – especially with saltwater – connecting pins will get corroded and damaged. There can be voltage on the pins, leading to electrolysis.

Thus, it is strictly necessary to close the charging port before diving. Hermetic port’s only purpose is providing a safe and reliable connecting standard – especially when connecting E/O power outlet here, and to minimize unit’s damage if the user forgot to close it’s charging port.

In the case of entering the water without a charging cap, the unit will detect specific pins short current- what is done by purpose when connecting the charger.

The scooter can display ‘connected to charger’ message, and it is a clear indication that the charging cap may be not closed.
I have flooded with water my hermetic charging port.
Take the unit out from the water, and blow the charging port from the water. In case it was salt water, a good flush with freshwater is recommended.

Check if the pins do not show damage/ corrosion signs. If not, all is good, and if you were not deeper than 100m with opened charging port, you can keep on using the DPV.

In case of doubts – contact us.


Are the Seacraft SLX3 lights still available?
As all Seacraft products are manufactured in Poland, production cost of SLX3 lights were too high for making them market attractive.

Instead we are providing the following:

SLS2 – a new Seacraft light system for scooters with integrated power converter

Integrated power converter and E/O cord adapter to support any 12 V lamps

Ball mounts as a universal attachment for lamps
Aktualisiert: 2023-03-06

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