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Currently, FUTURE and GHOST scooters from serial number 129 on may be fitted with an optional power converter, allowing for supplying an external 12 V load (e.g. a heating system or the Seacraft SLS2 light system) directly from the scooter’s battery. To do so, one of the special Seacraft cable adapters with one or 2 E/O connectors needs to be connected to the scooter’s hermetic charging port. If an external load is connected to this cable adapter, the power supply to it may be controlled via the scooter’s control display.

This manual describes how to set up, use and maintain the optional power converter and the cable adapter.

Power converter parameters

The power converter offers the following power output levels, which may be set via the scooter’s control display:

Voltage [V]Power output in relation
to the nominal power [%]
Max. power output [W]
Level 162560
Level 27,53990
Level 39,461112,8
Level 410,779128,4
Level 512100144

Preparing the power converter for use

After charging the scooter, replace the plug of the charging connector by the E/O adapter. Before screwing in the adapter, visually verify, that the O-ring on the E/O adapter is not damaged and that there is no dirt on the O-rings.

To install the adapter, first gently push it into the charging connector, and then turn it clockwise until it stops. It should be possible to screw in the adapter easily, with minimal resistance. Do this carefully: Screw the adapter straight into the connector. Inserting the adapter at an angle will damage the adapter’s threading.

Do not forget to safely stow away the removed charging socket plug.

Cable adapter installed on hermetic charging port

Checking the power converter

To verify, that the scooter is equipped with a power converter, and to make sure, it is operational, please turn on the scooter, and look for the power plug indicator in the lower left corner of the display screen:

Power converter symbol

If this symbol is visible,  it means that the scooter is equipped with an operational power converter.

If the scooter is supposed to have a power converter installed, and the level indicator does not appear on the screen, it may mean that the converter is damaged. 
In this case, please contact an authorized Seacraft service point. 
It is not allowed to start diving with a scooter having a damaged power converter!

Activating/deactivating the power converter

Before activating the power converter underwater, the diver must first make sure, that all loads are connected – only then he should turn on the power converter via the control module. Turning on the inverter without connected load will damage the wet contact of the E/O plug due to electrolysis.
This effect will be especially visible in salt water.

To turn on the power converter, please set the scooter to gear 0, then press and hold the left and right trigger simultaneously for 3 seconds. The power converter screen is displayed:

Now, use the up and down buttons to select the desired power output level. 

After some sconds of inactivity, the display will return to the standard screen, and the power converter will supply the external receivers with the selected power level.

The power converter is turned off by entering the converter display again (in gear 0, press and hold both triggers for 3 seconds). Reduce the power level, until OFF is displayed:

After some seconds of inactivity, the display will return to the standard screen, and the power converter will remain off.

Maintaining the adapter cable

The O-ring on the E/O adapter cable needs to be lubricated with silicone grease regularly and kept free from contamination.

If the O-ring is damaged, it must be replaced.

Check the cable regularly for wear and signs of damage, and exchange it, when necessary.


SymptomCause of problemMethod of repair
The cable adapter connector shows a damaged thread.Mechanical damage.Return the cable adapter for service.
The power converter does not supply power to the diver’s individual heating.Possible damage to the wet connector or converter overload or damage of the power converterReturn the scooter for service.
The power indicator is not visible on the scooter screen.The power converter is damaged.Return the scooter for service.
Scooter charging screen appears during the diveCable adapter not installed properlyStop diving and remove water from the charging connector. Check, if electrolysis has damaged the contacts. If the contacts are damaged, the scooter has to be serviced.

Using the Twin Cable Adapter

Seacraft offers an E/O cable adapter supporting 2 external loads, which needs to be installed in a certain way, in order to avoid any dangerous situations:

Install one of the 70 cm long cable ends as shown in the above image, by directing it to the front of the scooters, where it is connected to the Seacraft SLS2 light system. Secure this cable end with bungees or velcro straps to the scooter.

Lead the other 70 cm cable end over the nozzle and past the control display strut. Use a velcro strap or bungee to secure the cable on this strut.

Never let an unused cable end hang down from the scooter!

Never activate the scooter’s power converter, when there is no load connected to a cable end, since this will lead to corrosion of the wet contact due to electrolysis!

Depending on your diving mission, select the Single or Twin Adapter Cable provided by Seacraft.

Updated on 2023-03-03

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