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Safety alert – GO! model maximum operational depth adjustement

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Document level:Level 0
Scooter models:GO!
Document date:August 7, 2023

Safety update of product specification

Product identification and maximum operational depth adjustement

The maximum operational depth of GO! has been adjusted to 100m with immediate effect. This adjustment applies to all Seacraft GO! scooters, irrelevant of the production date.

Background and reasons for change

Based on routine material and performance testing we have discovered that some elements of scooters have changed their pressure resistance due to gradual changes of the used mold-injection polymer structure.

Seacraft’s ultimate value is customers’ and divers’ safety, thus we made a decision to decrease the maximum operational depth of GO! scooters to 100m, which provides a greater safety factor.

Customer satisfaction

In case this change of product specification affected your reasons for purchasing it, please contact us.

The manufacturer will provide free of charge pressure testing, and service revision of GO! scooters on customer request.

In case of questions or problems,
do not hesitate to contact us: service@seacraft.eu.

Updated on 2023-08-07

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