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Batteries air transport


Transporting batteries by air is strongly regulated by the authorities, due to the physical characteristics of the battery types available.

The trade association for the world’s airlines – The International Air Transport Association (IATA) – closely follows this topic, and constantly defines / updates recommendations for airlines, regarding the transport of dangerous goods. An example of such a paper, you may find here.

But more importantly, IATA has also published useful information for passengers traveling with LI-Ion batteries.

The airlines themselves – while not bound to IATA’s recommendations – normally tend to adopt them for their own terms and conditions regarding air transport, but:

Despite of the aforementioned recommendations defined by IATA, an airline may have implemented different regulations regarding the air transport of batteries.

So, before booking a flight, check with the airline of your choice, if and under what circumstances they accept Seacraft scooter batteries on board their planes.

How Seacraft supports you

As stated above, batteries are classified as dangerous goods with a certain UN code (United Nations code), which is a four-digit number, indentifying hazardous materials. In fact, you might already have seen such codes on orange plates on the back of fuel trucks.

Of course, Seacraft has made sure, that our batteries comply with all current regulations and offers you all related specifications for download, sou you may present them to your airline or transport carrier.

Apart from that, Seacraft offers special modular batteries, which may be dismantled into several battery segments. Each of these segments has a capacity that (according to current IATA recommendations) allows for transporting them in your hand luggage aboard an aircraft. But please remember to check with your airline first!

Updated on 2023-02-22

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