Main screen layout

After power on, the device display will show this content:

D:\###nawigacja inercjalna\instrukcja\rys\navi2 ekran1.jpg

Screen elements

  1. Course to planned destination. If no destination is programmed, this field is blank.
  2. Present memory slot number. If you start recording, the dive data will be saved in the device memory with this number.
  3. Small directional marker (described below).
  4. GPS status marker (described below).
  5. Time/distance to destination. These values alternate every 3 seconds. This field may be blank, if the corresponding value cannot be calculated.
  6. Battery icon
  7. Current compass heading (including programmed declination and deviation).
  8. Present marker number. For using markers, please see next chapter.
  9. Destination direction arrow. The tip of the arrow is always pointing to the planned destination. If no destination is set, this arrow will point to the North (just as ‘normal’ compass.
  10. Present speed value and units. mpm means that the speed is displayed in meters per minute, kts stands for ‘knots’. The propeller symbol means, that the external speed sensor should be connected to get valid distance/speed readings.
  11. Total distance traveled.
  12. REC/HOLD marker.
  13. Present depth.
  14. Total dive time.

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Button roles

Top button

Switch to next screen

Bottom button

Switch recording between ON (RECORD state) and OFF (HOLD state). The icon in the right bottom corner shows the current recording state as described below:

REC/HOLD marker

When the device is in RECORD state, the red dot symbol is animated.

Battery indicator

IconCharge on %Time leftIconCharge in %Time left
85-10020-25 h28-455-10 h
68-8417-20 h12-271-5 h
46-6710-17 h1-11<1 h

The value ‘Time left’ is approximate!

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White – Normal operation with or without programmed destination
Green – Destination is set and distance to it is less than 10 meters
Orange – The diver is returning to the start point (distance >10 meters)

GPS indicator

IconMeaningMore Info
GPS location fixedGood GPS readings are available.
The GPS location reading is valid and accurate.
GPS location fixedGPS readings are available, but the accuracy may vary due low signal strength/quality.
No valid GPS location availableThe GPS receiver cannot obtain the current location, but previous readings may be still available and valid.

Depth indicator colors

IconMeaningMore info
Vertical speed (up or down) is less than 9 m/min (29.5 ft/min)No special actions required from diver.
Vertical speed (up or down) is equal or greater than 9 m/min (29.5 ft/min)There is a noticeable depth change.
Vertical speed (up or down) is equal or greater than 19 m/min (62.3 ft/min)The user should be aware, that ascending or descending at this speed may have negative health effects.

The vertical speed is calculated based on measurements taken in the last
3 seconds.

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Updated on 2021-06-26

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