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Scooter models:All FUTURE / GHOST models
Document date:November 11, 2020

Procedure information

Time to complete this procedure:
15 min
Tools needed to complete this procedure:

– Styrodur inserts set (correct size for scooter model) 
– Cardboard box for DPV 90 x 45 x 38 cm 
– Stretch foil, thin and thick 
– Seacraft adhesive tape 
– Cardboard box for spare parts 
– Tensioning straps 

Step-by-step instructions


Packing a scooter correctly is essential for safe transport. Due to specific shock-absorbing styrodur frame used, unpacking of the DPV without damaging it require some attention.

Correctly packed scooter

Unpacking the scooter

In order to upack the DPV, it is recommended to do as described below.

Keep the packaging – insert and cardboard, in case of any need to ship the DPV in the future. In order to use it again, try to not damage it, and not use excessive force when unpacking.

After removing the foil, and bands, open the carboard on the top-side, and remove the top layer. Now you can unpack all of the accessories, charger, and other small items which are placed in the free compartments inside the scooter’s packaging.

Removing one of the bases

When this is done, gently roll the cardboard in order to place it upside-down, as indicated below. You can gently pull up the cardboard, in order to remove DPV in the protective frame without damaging it.

Pull up the cardboard from packed DPV

Now, you can disassemble all free parts.

DPV packaging

In order to remove the elements on DPV tube, position it on the noozle.

Some of the inserts are placed around DPV’s tube

Now, the DPV is free from packaging.

  • DPV’s are shipped with disconnected battery. Before charging/ using it, you need to open the DPV and connect the battery
  • Remember to configure all transport brackets and additional accessories
  • Make sure to assembly the DPV harnes before usage
  • Read the DPV manual, and remember to configure it as desired

Happy driving! In case of any difficulcities or questions, you can contact your Seacraft authorized reseller.

Packing the scooter

This description is based on the packaging material for a FUTURE model
(fi 160 mm). For 208mm DPV (as Ghost) packing, ensure to use a correct insert’s set.

Prepare a set of styrodur inserts (can be ordered from Marine Tech): 

Seacrat styrodur packaging set

Disassemble the transport handle and the GoPro mount from the scooter. Remove the harness and front clip (if present)
Put the GoPro mounting screws back in. Clean all potential staining from underneath the transport handle. 

Preparing the scooter

Protect the scooter sticker with piece of lining, and wrap the scooter in stretch foil: 

Wrapping the scooter

Place the styrodur inserts on the wrapped scooter. Align the wider part with the steering handle. The insert part with cut-outs all around comes first.

Placing the inserts on the scooter

Place the scooter with positioned inserts vertically on the top insert (steering handle down).

Placing the scooter on the long top insert

Now, place the front, back inserts and nozzle side inserts. Then place the bottom long insert:

Adding side and bottom insert

Close the bottom of the cardboard box with Seacraft tape, bend the sides, and put the box onto the scooter in the inserts. Turn the box around, and remove the styrodur cover:

Moving the cardboard over the pre-packed DPV is essential for success. Other methods are very difficult to perform.
If you cannot slide the cardboard, check if it is not wrapped too tight with – for example – old foil or tape.

Placing the packed scooter in the box

Prepare a small cardboard box for spare parts. Inside, place the manual, spare parts, the scooter harness with carabiner, the trim plates and the transport handle:

Spare parts box

If there are additional parts, or if you pack a scooter with a diameter of 208 mm, then the transport handle need to be packed in bubble wrap.

Wrapping additional parts

Next, place the parts close to the scooter inside of the box.

Close to the scooter, place the box with spare and additional parts, as well as the box with the charger. If needed, add the scooter stand and other components: 

Checking the components in the box

Put back the top styrodur cover, and close the box:

Placing the top cover

Close the box and secure it with Seacraft adhesive tape:

Securing the box

The complete box needs to be wrapped tight in stretch foil. Secure the stretch foil with Seacraft adhesive tape as shown:

Wrapping the box

Secure the box in 2 places with tensioning straps:

Securing the wrapped box

In case of questions or problems,
do not hesitate to contact us:

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