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Post-swirl stator, and rotor (propeller) disassembly/assembly

Document information

Document level:Level 0
Scooter models:All FUTURE / GHOST models
Document date:May 5, 2022
Time to complete this procedure:
1 min
Tools needed to complete this procedure:
-no tools required

Step-by-step instructions


The presented procedure can be done both – underwater (for example, when managing entanglement situation), or- on land (for example, for washing the drive system)

Every Seacraft user should know how to do it.

After salt-water diving, it is also recommended to wash the drive system inside, with fresh water – to prevent any salt build-ups.

Keep also in mind to grease the engine on regular basis.

Disassembly/ assembly

For any manipulation close to the DPV propeller, make sure that it is turned OFF.

See the instructional video, to see removal and assembly process.

Direct video link: https://youtu.be/YnOoJ60VuOY

In case of questions or problems,
do not hesitate to contact us: service@seacraft.eu.

Updated on 2022-05-06

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