Cleaning and greasing the engine

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Scooter models:All FUTURE / GHOST models
Document date:April 6, 2022

Procedure information

Time to complete this procedure:
5 min
Tools needed to complete this procedure:

– Non-dust paper towels
– Engine grease
– Isopropyl alcohol
– Wooden stick fitting the engine shaft (8-10mm)

Step-by-step instructions


Greasing of the engine should be regularly made by the users, in order to extend components’ lifetime, and provide smooth operation.

Cleaning of the engine is recommended to be made every time when any debris could come into the DPV shaft, or when there are residues of old, dirty grease, darker marks, or abnormal sounds coming from operating engine.

A small flashlight helps to inspect the shaft inside.
Only dedicated engine grease should be used- other materials can damage the bushings material.

Cleaning and greasing the engine

In order to see how this procedure is performed, watch the instructional video:

Direct link to video:

Using too much grease is forbidden. It may increase the engine friction, and if flowing out – attract debris, or clogg the rototor/stator gap.

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Updated on 2022-12-22

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